About Us

Sally Schroder, founder of EfficiList, has been a dedicated eBay clothing seller years before establishing her store in 2010. Her store is a Top Rated Seller on eBay and has 99.9% Positive Feedback with nearly 16,000 positive comments received. Frustrated by the long hours it took to photograph and list items, she searched for software that could do everything she needed more efficiently. Her search was successful, but what she found wasn’t exactly what she desired. She wanted a software platform that created the listing descriptions, automatically generated relevant titles, filled in the item specifics, and uploaded them directly to eBay for improved productivity and profits. That’s when she began creating EfficiList.

EfficiList is the easiest eBay listing software on the market, and its main goal is to sell customers’ products efficiently and painlessly. With a simple touch of a button, listings can be generated up to 10 times faster. The user-friendly software guides you through a few simple steps to ensure the descriptions match the items exactly, and then uploads them directly to your eBay store. The information is stored on the cloud-based software, making listings that much more efficient and can be accessed from anywhere via smartphone, tablet or computer.

NOTE: Version 1.0 only supports women’s clothing at this time. If you are interested in additional categories, please contact us for estimated launch time and details.