How It Works

EfficiList allows you to choose from different style options to create listing descriptions, schedule bulk listings, and upload listings directly to your eBay store. The software has a simple, user-friendly interface that allows you to customize EfficiList to your brand and your specific inventory.

Unlike other listing sites that require the use of Excel spreadsheets, EfficiList lays out your listing options in an easy-to-read, grid-like template format. Each option lists a specific design feature, and even has accompanying pictures of correlating options that describe the physical attributes of the item you are listing. Simply choose the details for the item and move to the next listing. Users can also select brands to keep on a “short list” and set shipping prices to make the process even easier next time. When each item has been listed in EfficiList, the software takes the information you’ve chosen with your settings in mind, creates the listing title, item specifics and description, and uploads it directly to your eBay site to go live, without any EfficiList advertisements (plan dependent), at its scheduled time – it’s that easy.

Discover how much time you can save and how much more money you can make with your own eBay store by using EfficiList – created by an eBay store owner just like you. And EfficiList’s subscription plan affords you the ability to use it based on your own speed and need to list. No additional scheduling fees, no installation costs. You only use your plan's allotted listing credits when you upload to eBay. Try it today.